We’re available for all types of Business Management and can perform Business, Project or Property Management as needed. If you are undertaking a capital project and have never done one before call us. If you have a commercial property and feel that you are being taken advantage of by the vendors that have been working for you call us. My first specialty is problem solving. What kind of problems? Any business related problem that exists or may have arisen. Best practice: Talk to me before you spend! My specialty is Cost Management and Negotiation. I will turn over the rocks at your company that the cost savings are hiding under. I’ll either negotiate better terms with your vendors or I’ll confirm that your company is getting the best price.

Internal Auditor

Certified ISO Internal Auditor

Project Manager

Certified Project Manager

Problem Solver

Experienced Professional Problem Solver

We work for our clients and find the best place to buy the goods and services you use. We know where to shop for these things and more. Let us tackle your largest spends. We can generally make a bottom line difference for you. We can advise you about marketing and sales both on and off the Internet but our primary focus is cost reduction.

Website Design, Hosting and Management

As soon as we started having our Business Management meetings with clients one of the first things we learned was that many businesses are still buying space in the Yellow Pages and paying those same companies to build and host some of the least effective, cookie cutter style web pages we had ever seen. Many of these websites were built years ago for businesses that wanted to “Get on the Internet”. That was fine then but in the now all these sort of websites do is generate revenue for the companies that host them. If you have a website that is not generating business for you then we need to talk right away. You’re probably spending more than you need to. We look forward to saving you money. It’s what we do!

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Stop Wasting Money with Hibu and Dex Media !

If your company is still paying for space in the Yellow Book or any of its competitors then you're wasting money. The Internet is full of stories of why you shouldn't advertise in the Yellow [...]

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