Dennis McCartney

After 43yrs in business there isn’t much I haven’t seen. I’ve owned 4 companies over the years and helped start a 5th. Then I joined Fairchild Semiconductor and became Global Procurement Manager. My own companies have run the gamut from wholesale distribution to manufacturing to the establishment of a retail Powersports Dealership with a highly successful Internet shopping site.

One of my proudest accomplishments was being in on the startup of a network engineering company named Lightspeed Technologies. After helping them get started in 1997 Lightspeed has grown on their own to become one of the largest Cisco Resellers in the Northeast with clients worldwide.

Now I’m back to running my own company where my personal specialty is cost reduction and negotiating programs with vendors and managing relationships with them. In the course of doing this work we have been encountering so many businesses that need better, more effective and affordable websites that we have begun to perform the service of hosting and building websites for businesses. Our specialty is building websites for specific businesses and not using templates that many businesses have already used. You can see a bit more at Global Digital Designs

I have put together a group of colleagues who together can help resolve business challenges of all types. If your company is in trouble call us. If you want to get your costs under control call us. No challenge is too big or small for us!

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